arkadelos (arkadelos) wrote in writersworkshop,

minor character

I was trying to develop this one supporting character - a man - who will dedicate sixteen years of his life to raising orphan boys and will eventually become the leader of his people through his kindness and essentially through lack of rivals. He's a supporting character who will die halfway through the story when the evil bad guy attacks and takes over.

Anyway, I was hoping to develop this man further by giving him a love interest during his years with the orphaned boys. I figure they'll have a daughter, but this man will not be able to dedicate his life with her on account of the orphans taking all his time. So, I really need to develop this woman so that I can develop the man. Overall, she will be an insignificant character as far as plot goes; once the man dies, she won't be in it anymore. But, how can I develop this woman?
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