arkadelos (arkadelos) wrote in writersworkshop,

two scenes need help

I want to feature young girls talking about how excited they are to become mothers when they are older and married. I doubt some will even be engaged or even have men in mind, although others might already be engaged. I just want to show the sudden surge of maternal feelings (They had heard certain adults praising babies for years and saying how blessed babies are; propoganda to raise the population), but I don’t know what all I want the young girls to say.

I started a scene in which a woman is going to be exiled for killing her baby. I want a few people to say “she’s not human” and to describe various general characteristics that cover all human behavior - characteristics that this woman lacks. I cannot think of any. *sweatdrop* There are humans who do not act, well, human. People do not think this woman deserves any dignity or respect on account of how she acts, not taking into account the death of her baby.
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