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Shy Blood

A forgotten one that hung from the edge of a bookshelf for years, or that sat at the bottom of a drawer or tucked away in some closet, where all it did was collect dust and gradually fade away. Her smile was faint, like the tiny white explosions striving to shine their light and power through the clouds in the sky, fleeting though they were. The moon, a much larger presence, shone through the gaps in the grey clouds, spilling its gentle moonlight onto the waters, where ripples danced and laughed. Her world was dipped into the crystalline water, held up only by a string tied around it and another around the index finger of her right hand. Murmurs of waves lapped at the sand she was crouched upon, reaching out as if to touch her, only to shy away once they realized what she truly was.

Shi noticed none of this though, her intensity focused completely upon her world, which dangled from her finger on a string, dipping in the water and creating ripples. Even the river got lonely; she wanted to give it something to play with. Not a tranquility so rudely interrupted, but rather a smile in the shadow of a ripple as the water enjoyed its rare company. A red butterfly flapped its cursed wings, skimming over the water yet refusing to touch it. Shi smiled gently over at one as it perched on her shoulder, waving its vermillion wings as if trying to say hello or good evening. Lovely night, isn’t it?

Indeed it was; warm summer air haunted by the ghost of a cool wind, keeping the temperature comfortable and fresh. Shi loved summer nights more than anything else, especially the fireflies that fluttered and blinked, trying to find another little firefly to love. She was often reminded of humanity as her luminescent green eyes tried to capture their light. The light of those trying and trying and trying, all to find love because everybody thought that love would make them happy.

A small laugh escaped Shi. Loud enough to cause the butterfly on her shoulder to flap, but soft enough as to not destroy the tranquility of the night. She didn’t understand any of it, really.

With a tug, she pulled her little world out of the water so she could bend over and grab it with her left hand, which was swathed in loose white bandages. Her eyes gleamed dully as she stared at the transparent heart in her hands, perfectly sculpted by the sharp glass and jagged edges of the crystalized staircase that was life. The wind blew her lightweight hair out to the side, wanting to play with the soft grey locks. A few shorter strands clung to her face, not wanting to be carried away, preferring to stay by her. Shi let the wind do as it pleased as she continued to look at the heart in her hand.

Suddenly the butterfly on her shoulder took flight, gliding along the hint of wind to land on her little heart. She watched it until it flew away a few minutes later, leaving a bloody smear on the glass in its wake. Shi bit her lower lip gently, turning her head up to watch the red creature fly away, off to take a life under the light of the midnight moon.

Her long, slanted ears twitched once before she stood up, leaving the water to sigh at her departure. She hung the heart around her head once again before dropping her arms and gently stepping through the tall grass, back into the forest. Even there, though, she was feared.

The bandage slipped off her left hand a little to dangle behind her and dance with the wind, since her hair had been lost to them. Where there was once gentle white skin was now charred, decaying blackness. The inky obscurity a forever reminder of the darkness that was the soul of the world.

-The Fish

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