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Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Subject:Three Crow Press - The Morrigan Books Ezine
Posted by:markdeniz.
Time:11:09 am.
Mood: impressed.


Three Crow Press

On the winter solstice, Morrígan Books will celebrate the divide of light and dark by launching its online magazine, Three Crow Press.

Three Crow Press is an online magazine specializing in quality speculative fiction, supernatural, fantasy (urban, dark and gothic), horror and steampunk as well as non-fiction pieces and articles. Well written young adult will be considered if the piece is within the 16+ market. We are prepared to consider all genre-related works and are looking for stories that capture the imagination of the Three Crow staff.

Winter Solstice Deadline: December 1, 2008

Fiction Word Count and Parameters: Stories should be between 500 and 3,000 words. There is no theme to the issue but story must fit within the specified genres. Payment for submissions are 1 cent (US) per word following acceptance.

Settings: Any part of the world, mythology or culture.

Timeline: We will consider any story set at any time in the past, present or near future as long as the story is within the specified genres.

All materials must be an original work by the submitting individual. Reprint copyrights will remain with you. No simultaneous submissions will be accepted. Previously published material will only be accepted if discussed with the editor first.

For more information please go to Three Crow Press Submissions at:


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Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Subject:request for critique- opening for novel
Posted by:snapshots3.
Time:12:44 pm.
How do you think having siblings (or not having siblings) affects who you are as a person?

I have posted the opening for my novel on my  BLOG .

I shall be connecting it to the post Adam and Eve in Search, also on the same blog.

Need your feedback/criticism/comments.

Do please drop by for a read.



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Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Subject:Natives and Foreigners
Posted by:snapshots3.
Time:10:56 am.
This is a part of a book I am writing at http://snapshotsonmycoffeetable.blogspot.com. I would like your comments on any aspect of the blog. Specific to the passage below, I would like to know how it comes across to readers outside India- who are not familiar with many of the words below. Does it make any sense at all? Cheers kc "We moved to Kanker to be with Papa after my school session. Harshit was much better and stronger now, and the house was ready for us to move in. The trip to Kanker was exciting- we travelled from Raipur by jeep. Papa had some work to attend in a village on our way. The road was so narrow sometimes that it was impossible for two vehicles to be on the road simultaneously. But thankfully there was no traffic. We crossed only cycles, or bullock carts, and they were rare. So everytime we saw a bullock cart in the distance a decision had to be taken- who would stay on the road? Papa was very careful to park the jeep off the road if he could. He said that the bullocks were not used to the sound of the jeep, and blowing the horn to force the cart off the road was dangerous- because the animal was likely to bolt.Read moreCollapse )
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Friday, August 15th, 2008

Subject:Resources for Fiction Writers
Posted by:aravah.
Time:8:01 am.

Hello! I'd like to let you all know about my fiction writing resource community, start_writing. We have been cataloguing web-based resources related to writing fiction. There must be over 100 by now, and they're there to help you, if you'd like them.

The community was originally created for the students of the Open University's 'Start Writing Fiction' Course (A174), however, membership is now open to anyone who is writing fiction, although you don't have to be a member to post your resources and recommendations.

To find resources visit the tags page. Each resource is listed under its most appropriate tags. The general writing sites tag leads to sites that contain information on many aspects of writing. You might want to look in detail at these sites to find additional information.

Feel free to share any links you might have stashed away on your bookmarks. The more the merrier! :)

We also have a sister site, start_writing_2, for challenges, prompts and critique.

(Mods, I hope it's OK to post this here. Please delete if not, and apologies.)
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Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

Subject:two scenes need help
Posted by:arkadelos.
Time:11:43 am.
I want to feature young girls talking about how excited they are to become mothers when they are older and married. I doubt some will even be engaged or even have men in mind, although others might already be engaged. I just want to show the sudden surge of maternal feelings (They had heard certain adults praising babies for years and saying how blessed babies are; propoganda to raise the population), but I don’t know what all I want the young girls to say.

I started a scene in which a woman is going to be exiled for killing her baby. I want a few people to say “she’s not human” and to describe various general characteristics that cover all human behavior - characteristics that this woman lacks. I cannot think of any. *sweatdrop* There are humans who do not act, well, human. People do not think this woman deserves any dignity or respect on account of how she acts, not taking into account the death of her baby.
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Subject:romantic subplot
Posted by:arkadelos.
Time:11:26 am.
Mood: hopeful.
Okay, here's a bit of background info. It's a hunter-gatherer society that gained the access of magic. Roughly seven years ago, society lost half their population. One woman rose to power to govern the people. Jen who deals mainly with arranging marriages has become this woman's main political rival because Jen was the only person who had any sort of authority prior to attack. Brender is going to spin things around saying if you obey Jen in anything, you're betraying our leader. I think Brender's spinning is a clear sign he's suited for politics.

Kade telling Brender that Jen wants to arrange a marriage for herCollapse )
Brender's true reactionCollapse )
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Sunday, July 27th, 2008

Subject:minor character
Posted by:arkadelos.
Time:6:52 pm.
I was trying to develop this one supporting character - a man - who will dedicate sixteen years of his life to raising orphan boys and will eventually become the leader of his people through his kindness and essentially through lack of rivals. He's a supporting character who will die halfway through the story when the evil bad guy attacks and takes over.

Anyway, I was hoping to develop this man further by giving him a love interest during his years with the orphaned boys. I figure they'll have a daughter, but this man will not be able to dedicate his life with her on account of the orphans taking all his time. So, I really need to develop this woman so that I can develop the man. Overall, she will be an insignificant character as far as plot goes; once the man dies, she won't be in it anymore. But, how can I develop this woman?
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Monday, July 7th, 2008

Subject:Writer's Block
Posted by:arkadelos.
Time:9:39 pm.
I've been really impatient to get my novel finished, but lately, I've been having a hard time writing scenes. I know the scene I want to write, and for some I've replayed them in my head many times, but when I sit down, there's nothing. Any suggestions on how I can write them? I'm fairly well-versed on the basics of writing - plot, setting, characters, etc. - but I can't bring myself to write...
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Friday, June 20th, 2008

Posted by:agrippathemagus.
Time:10:10 pm.
Hey there, just starting out and working on an extended project. I write fantasy, with a realistic edge to it.

The premise:

The diary of a trainee, or side-kick as he learns what it means to be under the shadow of a hero and where his place in the world is. Marty is a recently graduated soldier training under an Ordinator, named Gracon, who is a decorated warrior.

Outside The Limelight
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Saturday, March 29th, 2008

Subject:Calling writers as yet unpublished
Posted by:markdeniz.
Time:6:19 pm.
Competition to find new talent in fiction:

In the Footsteps of Gilgamesh

Tell writers you know who are eager to get their first publication.
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Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

Subject:Mark Deniz has two new publishing companies
Posted by:markdeniz.
Time:11:04 am.
Former co-owner of Eneit Press, markdeniz has formed publishing company Gilgamesh Press - The Second Assyrian Empire, focusing on all things Assyrian and imprint Morrígan Books - The Phantom Queen Awakes..., specialists in dark fiction.

Check them out and join the yahoo groups associated with both for updates and release information, as well as information on calls for submissions.

Alternatively contact Mark for more information.
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Monday, February 4th, 2008

Subject:Less than a month left for submissions
Posted by:markdeniz.
Time:1:19 pm.
Hello there.

Just to let you know that the Eneit Press urban supernatural anthology In Bad Dreams: Volume Two - Where Death Stalks has less than a month left for submissions, closing 1st March.
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Saturday, December 8th, 2007

Posted by:kimber_leigh.
Time:5:33 pm.
does anybody use an orginizational writing software?  or do you have one that you prefer over another?   i really liked anvilink's worgan (writer's organizer), but i've got windows vista now and it isn't compatible.. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!   
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Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Subject:New anthologies and a writing course
Posted by:markdeniz.
Time:9:47 am.
Eneit Press is very active this Halloween!

Maybe you want to improve your writing skills:

Eneit Press announces its first writing course

or feel you're ready to submit to us:

Voices - Horror Anthology

or even just to me

Somewhere I Know There Is Nothing - Speculative Fiction Anthology

We said we were going places!
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Sunday, October 14th, 2007

Subject:Open call for submissions
Posted by:markdeniz.
Time:7:10 am.
In Bad Dreams - Volume Two: Where Death Stalks is now open for submissons:

Submissions Guidelines

Looking forward to some great stories for the anthology!
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Monday, June 4th, 2007

Posted by:buspar_latte.
Time:6:51 pm.
i just went through a bunch of shit and basically had to start my life over from scratch.  i started this new LJ to try to kick my writing back in gear under a username that no one knows.  i'm going to try to write at least something every night.  anyway, i promise everything won't be so bitter or cliche.  and i won't ever write anything else about a break up.

i know now that there was one thing i could never acknowledge.  rather, one thing i could never compensate for.  the bridesmaid syndrome, but inside out.  that complemented her, not me.  i was the gap-toothed bridesmaid with the pistachio polyester macy's dress.   it wasn't her hair, or her tits, or her mouth.  it was just her, i guess charisma, i hate that fucking word.  everyone always liked her more than me.  there was this constant low tidal roar of fear that without her, i would honestly be alone.  honestly alone being...not dramatic scene crying over a lost relationship, but literally alone.  her friends aren't mine.   my friends aren't mine.  in a way, that was too much too imagine.  in a way, i always imagined that i would be this amazingly cliche phoenix that rose out of the ashes of our very dead relationship with twice as many friends, a better job and, i don't know, botox and a boob job?  no.  i have cable now, and vodka.  both are nice.  but neither replace dozens of people pretending to "get me," to give a fuck, to let me use their tampons.
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Wednesday, March 14th, 2007

Posted by:puertoricanjane.
Time:9:32 pm.
Hi again, all!

Well, it says in the info page for this establishment that this is also a place to share writing tips, so here's my latest wacky experiment.

I'm writing this novel, and I was looking for a way to explore who my characters were. I personally tend to define myself through music, so i concocted a playlist of songs that each character might have liked and burned them onto CD's. Since my story is set in the early 30's, my catalog of songs to choose from was sort of limited, but I ended up discovering some awesome music that way (nods to icon, does arabesque, falls over).

Anyway, as a characterization device, it WORKED. I mean, it worked so well it was almost weird. So now, if i listen to the CD's, it kind of...puts me right into the character's personality--their background, their attitude, their style...whatever. It's pretty cool, in a nerdy kinda way.
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Saturday, March 10th, 2007

Subject:Sun Set
Posted by:scratchfish.
Time:2:58 pm.
Mood: anxious.
There is a writing competition that I'm very interested in entering. However, before I even think about submitting a piece of mine, I want to get the opinions of everyone I can think of. This includes friends, family, teachers... and hopefully people here on LJ, as you guys pretty much know what you're doing, lol.

This was a bit of a challenge for me, since I like to write lenghty pieces, and the word limit for my genre was 4000. Well, when I typed up my story it was only about 2500 words, so I've added a part or two and I hope it all flows smoothly. I'm looking for people to critique spelling, grammar, and such, but more specifically, just the piece as a whole. Any good or no good at all? I would love to know.

The story itself revolves around two eleven-year-old brothers in an alternate world. It's around 3700 words now (a little over six pages) and is perfectly safe. The highest rating I would give it would be PG, for one of the last scenes.

Please, please critique! *bows*

Sun SetCollapse )
-The Fish
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Sunday, February 25th, 2007

Subject:Devil's Heartache, Chapter Two
Posted by:scratchfish.
Time:7:21 pm.
Mood: amused.
Title: Devil's Heartache- Two
Author: The Fish
Rated: PG-13


There were heavy footsteps on the ground. They sounded like boots on glass, even though the red beneath him was soft carpet. “What are you?” Even though the words were whispered, Deas felt like they had been scorched right through his ears and into his mind. He was human, he was human, he was human!Collapse )

Comment! Please and thank you!
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Sunday, February 11th, 2007

Subject:Shy Blood
Posted by:scratchfish.
Time:12:45 am.
Mood: drained.
Her whispers fell like teardrops from the empty eyes of a mask.Collapse )
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